Who am I ?
I am who I am – and I wouldn’t give it up for all the money in the world.
I see myself as a ‘professional amateur’, whom, after all the theory, life has taught everything practical just by doing it.
I love independence – but I still enjoy being part of a team of independently thinking creative partners.
I loathe clichés and lack of meaning and substance and get easily bored with ‘small talk’.
Fashionable crazes are short-lived and therefore superfluous, no matter in which context.

I am willing to explore new ideas, and whenever I judge I do it according to my own perception. For any of my previous involvements or projects please feel free to browse this website. I’m sure, you’ll find what you are looking for…


Ernst Friedl; Hernalser Hauptstrasse 221/8/12; A-1170 Wien


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