Looking at the magic squares of the basic numbers from 1 to 10 we notice first that 1:1 doesn't make a magic square as such because of the character of the number ONE. It represents more a static point, showing as yet no movement at all. It is the first step of creation or manifestation. Furthermore we see that it is impossible to construct a magic square within the space 2:2. TWO however, is the first number indicating polarity and therewith making dynamic movement possible. That leaves us with the numbers 3 to 10 to analyse the principles of movement and interaction given by the magic squares.
Why are they called "magic" squares? The fact that all the sums horizontally, vertically and diagonally are the same within each square is not what makes them magic but just a visible manifestation of an underlying living or "magic" principle.



THEME DESIGN 8 Optical illusions

The first obvious pattern we can observe by looking at all the graphs of these squares is the reflection of the duality which underlies every physical manifestation on our earth plane. The difference in structure, form and vibration between the basic patterns of the even numbered squares and those of the uneven numbers. Like the breathing and pulsating of life these two groups of patterns spiral litterally in the two opposite directions. The even numbered moving from the outside (beginning with ONE at the right upper corner of each square) to the centre and back to the outer edge, the highest number at the bottom corner on the left. The uneven numbered squares, however, starting the movement at the centre moving to the borders and coming back to the centre again.
Leaving aside the graphs now and taking a closer look at the numerical structures of these squares, which are composed in such a miraculous but somehow logical way, we can observe a combining element within these two polar opposite groups by looking at the sums of the different squares (horizontal?vertical?diagonal) in the linear ascension. ( 3:3, 4:4, 5:5, 6:6……,) As if they were to prove that their opposite character is still part of one great plan their sums increase in an absolute constant manner as can be seen in the listing.

Going further into detail we take a closer look at the groups separately from each other. Like every living form springs from a seed, egg or cell each of these groups too have an originating CORE containing the basic pattern. For the even numbered squares this core is the square 4:4; for the uneven numbers it is naturally the square 3:3 (The square of Mercury). Not the numerical values but the basic pattern of movement of these cores are representative for all the bigger sized squares of each group.