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My lovely stepdaughter Alice:


Penny Tobin; my partner in "Sound Source" during her visit to Vienna.

Beside various gigs with Ocean in England and a residency as drummer with the jazz-trio of my Sound-Source partner Penny Tobin on keyboards, I also played the all-yearly English summer-gig with the American band “Dharma Bums“ (Phil Hemley, Joe Flood & Co.) 1988 and 89 at the Glastonbury Festival and 1990 in London.

1990-1991: Commissioned work as arranger and composer for songs and soundtracks.

Through the activities with the jingles company Sound Source I became more and more involved with the art of programming. 1990 I started to write my own songs, many of which Betty Semper fitted with lyrics and the necessary vocal-lines. This work went so well, that I decided to produce ten of them. I contacted Vienna, where Katarina, a friend of mine, put up funds to finance the production. On my visit to Vienna to arrange the necessary logistics I first met Pimpfy and his “Beserlpark Studio“, where the production was to take place. This was another beginning of a long-standing productive relationship. The production of the LP “Discovery“ took place between December 27th ,1990 and January 18th , 1991, with runny noses and sore throats but still successfully.