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Katrin, muse und inspiration










































I came to Vienna in April 1991 and started my company ES-Design und Graphik, a small graphic studio to produce and market card-designs, which I created in collaboration with my friend Katrin, and all over Europe. First of all, there was some building work to be done...

...with a little help from my friends, it was done pretty swiftly.


My own 'creative corner' at home in Vienna...


In June 1992 I was asked to join my American friend Marc Eagleton in his home in Italy, to assist in the pre-production of a set of jingles, he was working on at the time.


Meanwhile, Pimpfy and myself have been working on a trans-European project, we called “Channel Tunnel“, a very appropriate title at the time, when the actual tunnel was under construction. This project also involved Betty as lead vocalist, Freddy, her brother on the bass and Otto Lechner on the Hammond Organ. A co- production of 10 songs was finished and in spring 1993 a few gigs in Austria and London were arranged to test it on stage. For the London gigs two additional guests were introduced: Collin Wood as male lead-vocalist and Lyn Dobson on Saxophone.

During October 1993 I was again asked to help in a production of an LP by another acquaintance, whom I have already worked with in London during 1990. This time I went to Trinidad to work in the hi-tech studio “Caribbean Sound Basin“.

Having been back in Vienna for nearly 3 years I still had not found my old/new roots and felt like I was drifting aimlessly. I could not find the feeling of freedom I enjoyed so much in England. So I got a little 'depressed', realizing, that my England-days were definately over...at least for a long stretch of time. So...encouraged by my dear friend Katrin I started to get my act together..but only after a brief visit to good old GB and some 'old' friends....






Finally I could conclude this year with another visit to Highgate Woods and met Shereen again, before she took off to live upon the other half of our planet.