1991-94 ........ 2001-04

First production in the newly built studio: Maxi-Single "One Moment"

































Picture exhibition on August 20th, 1998
















1994 I started as a freelance member in Pimpfy’s production company “Cosndola Production“, which was just setting up a 48-track recording studio in Vienna. This liaison with it’s various peripheral activities constituted a great deal of my artistic activities for long years to come. I played the drums for the band P.C.B. as well as for other projects running within this framework and helped with the programming, arranging and also as a vocalist.
1995/96 P.C.B. produced the album “Completely Squashed“ and at the end of 1996 the LP “Wahnsinn“, songs written by Rudi Treiber, an Austrian singer/songwriter.

Views of the newly built Studio in the 17th district of Vienna. I have tried my hand in carpentry, with some interesting results.

Some extra money earned with decorative painting in the "Cafe Bleifrei" / Vienna


The Band P.C.B.

1997 I filled in as a drummer in the Rock-band “Strip“, where I met B.B. Ban, the bass player, who then joined the P.C.B. project.
During all these years I naturally carried on writing my own material and started producing some of these songs with Betty as lead vocalist under the name “Songs at the end of the tunnel“

the Band X-Plosive.

Since 1998 I can be found on many stages with various Blues-, R&B- and Rock-projects as well as singing Gospel with set ups, such as “Gospel Meets Vienna“ and others. In one of the recent projects I was supporting Betty S. as a percussionist on various stages throughout Austria under the flamboyant name of "Mr.Coburn".


Betty S. featuring "Mr.Coburn" having done two tours within Carinthia and Styria during the year 2000.