History-profile; (music: C.G.JUNGLE; live-medley, Vienna 2005; "Spacefolk")


.....some of ARCHIPELAGO's Clients in London (medley; 1978-1980; Mixed Styles)
..... Friend's Demo-recordings in England (medley; 1983-1989; Mixed Styles)
..... the band OCEAN; (medley; London 1986-1990; Soul, Funk)
..... P.C.B. (medley: Prod.: "COMPLETELY SQUASHED"; Vienna 1995; Rock)
..... CT; PCB; X-PLOSIVE; BLUES JAM; (medley; Vienna 1992-2006; Mixed Styles)
..... COSNDOLA (medley from pre-production with Olja; Vienna 2008; Mixed Styles)


Drumming for :

Despite of having studied classical orchestra percussion at the Viennese Highschool for Music for 3 years, I still consider myself as a self-tought person on the drumkit, since I never conceived my playing according to any conventional styles of playing, or tried to imitate somebody. First of all I always let the piece of music, I’m supposed to accompany, have an impact on me before I find the appropriate rhythm, listening foremost to my inner perception. Usually I do not restrain myself to just playing a straight beat all the way, but I always try to let the general dynamics and the various accents define my playing. This may have led to a somehow ‘unconventional’ style, which, in some cases, may cause slight problems, especially with some ethnic types of music, where there is a very strict set of patterns needed to fit the basic concept. However, in my experience it always had the advantage of giving the played piece of music a feeling of dynamic unity. I always play from feeling rather than by means of learned concepts about what would fit the piece logically.