HARMONIE-ARRANGEMENTS: Medley of some of my harmony-arrangements.

LEAD PARTS: (range: low-baritone) Medley of various lead parts (1994-2006).

LEAD PARTS: (range: mid-baritone) Medley of various lead parts (1998-2006).

LEAD PARTS: (range: high-baritone) Medley of various lead parts (1996-2006).


with Betty S. (medley)

with Millivoj Coso (GIPSY DICE)



This subject I have, of course, studied intensely during my childhood with classical music at the Vienna Choir Boys. Still, I had no wish to continue with classical voice training after my voice had settled again. But evidently within the various bands I took the vocal harmony parts needed. It still took me another 30 years before I tried to take any lead-parts, because I was of the opinion, that, because of the classical choir training, my voice had lost most of it’s ‘personal’ character. The very first attempt, however, showed me otherwise.

My Boy's Voice ("bad quality"-1962-Home recording).