1971-74 .........1977-81


This snapshot was taken shortly after my arrival in England, and this camera-failure happened to produce a picture which seems to describe my state of orientation at the time quite accurately.


This was a period of quite drastic changes in my personal life. Due to numerous circumstances my life offered me a lot of (partly contradicting) impressions and impulses, hence I felt an irresistable urge to start drawing. I have spent a lot of time with pencil and paper, which helped me a lot coming to terms with all those impressions I had. Also it was the last time in my life working as an employee for a company (LKW WALTER). From that time onwards I decided to do whatever I was going to do on a freelance basis. Quite idealistically, since I could not quite fathom the entire dimension of such an idea then. Fate as well as a lot of well meaning people, however, repeatedly helped me a lot along the way.

During this period I left the classical music more and more behind as an active musician and expanded my style as a drummer in various different directions, from Underground to Latin-Rock (a‘ la Santana).

X-mas 75 at LKW WALTER with my mother, who worked there before me. I was responsible for all the in-house printed matter as well as the organisation and distribution of all office material.

"Däumling"-Gig / June 76 - WIG / Oberlaa / Vienna